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Why should I participate?

  • After 21 years of successfully organising the “Competition of Tapas of Zaragoza”, with a high level of participation and results, we have decided going forward and organise this event internationally to share our Gastronomic Culture with other European countries and offering a unique chance to share knowledge and experience with other professional chefs, working together in the prestigious restaurants that were awarded in past editions of this competition.
  • Every participant will we asigned to a restaurant, and will have the chance to work together with its awarded chefs, learning from them and exchanging culinary knowledge.
  • The participants will attend workshops on Aragonese food and wine tasting, and will get a guided tour around the city of Zaragoza.
  • The contest will provide the participants international recognition in the gastronomic world, unique in its theme: the culture of tapas.

21 years of experience

The Asociation of Coffees and Bars of Zaragoza and province was born in NMovember 1977 with the objective to protect and represent the small hospitality companies, trying to attain a diferenciating personality away from other kind of business and the administration.

More than two decades ago, the Association started organizing the Competition pf Tapas of Zaragoza and Province, being the first of its kind in Spain. This competition has becomed a national and international reference and every year more tha a hundred bars and thousands of customers take part in it. The rise in gastronomic importance of the Spanish Tapas, has been supported and promoted by the Association thanks to this initiative, that has become an element of promotion of our region.

Check here the winners of the
XXI Competition of Tapas of Zaragoza 2015